Ways to Raise Your Credit Score by 20 Points


Good credit is needed to make purchases including a car and a home. If you have a low credit score you may not get approved for purchases or may have to pay high interest rates. There are some tips on how to raise your credit score 20 points in a short period of time.
At least once a year view your annual credit report. Be sure to look for errors or accounts that you may not have opened. Check for other errors including late payments and any debt that is older than 7 years. If you find an error be sure to contact the credit agency.
Be sure to pay your bills on time every month. Paying your bills on time will help increase your credit score by up to 20 points in one month. This includes utility bills ,credit cards, and all loans. Paying them before the due date can also increase your credit score.
Following these tips can help raise your credit score by 20 points. This will make it easier to get approved for larger purchases and enjoy a lower interest rate.